Carlos Cortez Jr. completed his Series 7 in 2007, and Series 66 in 2008, and opened his own investment firm, specializing as an independent fiduciary in risk-mitigated retirement investments. Offering many educational podcasts and webinars, Carlos Cortez holds much experience at working hand-in-hand with you to help individuals to reach their retirement goals.


Operations Specialist

Passionate about helping retirement dreams come true.


Operations Specialist


Operations Specialist

  • - Remi Judice
    I was introduced to Carlos nearly 5 years ago along with his use of Assetlock money managers. Since that time, he has introduced multiple tailored strategies to protect and grow wealth. My families' needs have changed many times since our initial contact, and he has been a great advisor the entire journey. I am even more impressed by his attention and constant communication when he thinks he can help. ( A quality most advisors lose once they receive your money to invest). Keep up the great work Carlos and Raz. Thanks.
    - Remi Judice
  • - Salim K.
    I have known Carlos for over 10 years. He’s a man of his word and is very knowledgeable in his industry. He is not looking out for a quick payout but a long professional relationship with his clients. Most importantly, he a man of faith!
    - Salim K.
  • - Janis Klein
    I was introduced to Cortez Wealth Management through a radio station. While I did not have any concerns with where my retirement portfolio was held, with the changing tide of this year, I had become concerned and I finally decided to take a big step and reinvest it elsewhere, in came Cortez Wealth Management. Carlos listened to my concerns and made suggestions on where best to place my retirement investment. Carlos and the Cortez Wealth Management team are very professional, kept me abreast every step of the transfer process, and were available to answer any questions or concerns in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Cortez Wealth Management to my friends and/or family. Thank you, Cortez Wealth Management, for a job well done and peace of mind.
    - Janis Klein
  • - Judy Ryan
    Carlos Cortez & his team are outstanding! Carlos has taken his time to ensure that my retirement funds are protected & positioned for growth during this highly volatile time. Everyone I have spoken to is patient & professional. I would highly recommend Cortez Wealth Management!
    - Judy Ryan
  • - Jeanne Chandler
    I'm very happy with Carlo Cortez. I have always gain money since I been with his company. This year was the best year yet. Where I can go on a nice vacation with my husband and granddaughter. I give him 5 stars and trust his judgement on investing for me.
    - Jeanne Chandler